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Welcome to Titan Publishing House, part of Titan InKorp LTD. Here at Titan we believe in trust, honesty and great values which is why we never make promises we can’t keep. We are dedicated to helping authors reach their goals by providing them with a friendly atmosphere and a great team assigned to work with each author. Unlike most publishers who either charge huge amounts of money before you get in or those who just seek out ‘highly skilled’ authors we in fact seek those that have never been given a fair chance. We are certainly not a vanity publisher, in fact it doesn’t cost the author to sign up with us, all we ask is that you are honest with us from the start, we’ll take care of the rest. So why not have a browse around our website or contact us for more information.

Our staff are fully trained and qualified to deal with any service you may require and our friendly team are always on hand to provide you with help and support.

Labor Day Sales


We are pleased to announce the winner of the Titan 2014 Novel Competition.

A huge congratulations to E. L. Berquist with the winning novel Better Off Dead

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With 3 different formats available for every book, with most books offering a paperback option. Our online store offers a great range of books form many different genre.

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