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Welcome to Titan Publishing House, part of Titan InKorp LTD. Here at Titan we believe in trust, honesty and great values which is why we never make promises we can’t keep. We are dedicated to helping authors reach their goals by providing them with a friendly atmosphere and a great team assigned to work with each author. Unlike most publishers who either charge huge amounts of money before you get in or those who just seek out ‘highly skilled’ authors we in fact seek those that have never been given a fair chance. We are certainly not a vanity publisher, in fact it doesn’t cost the author to sign up with us, all we ask is that you are honest with us from the start, we’ll take care of the rest. So why not have a browse around our website or contact us for more information.

Our staff are fully trained and qualified to deal with any service you may require and our friendly team are always on hand to provide you with help and support.


Titan Publishing House part of Titan InKorp LTD has been publishing authors since April 2013 and has produced some of the greatest bestselling authors on the market today. We understand that the writing world is constantly changing so we understand the pressures of being an author.

Our current royalty rate is 70% with the remaining 30% covering marketing resources.

So realize your dream and submit to us now.

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Platinum Distribution

This is the highest form of distribution which not only put’s titles out to 39,000 distributors but also allows retailers to buy books in bulk stock. All books can also become returnable meaning that retailers are more likely to buy and stock on shelves. It also means that printing costs are much lower than standard printing companies meaning that if you decided to order some books for yourself, they would almost be 50% cheaper than anywhere else. This option however does carry an initial $85.00 entry fee for this distribution with us covering all other expenses such as ISBN, formatting, cover design ect. The entry fee is per title.