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Official Release of Loving Jack by Beverley Hollowed


Today mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s best selling author Beverley Hollowed’s 9th book, Loving Jack, the follow up to the well reviewed Taming Jack. Be sure to visit Amazon today to get your copy.

Loving Jack by Beverley Hollowed

Mia Chambers had everything, but bit by bit, her world was unravelling.
Jack Casey wanted her and he didn’t stop until he had her.
He introduced her to a world, she could never belong to.
It destroyed them and broke her heart.
Just as Mia started to pick up the pieces and tried to be happy again, Jack comes back, and he is determined to make things right.
Mia still loves him, but can she trust him?
Can they find happiness together or will Jack’s past destroy their future?
Will Loving Jack be enough….


Josh Walker Donates to St Judes Children’s Hospital

Titan author Josh Walker has decided to donate all the proceeds form his latest book The Forgotten Places to St Judes Children’s Hospital. You can help raise money for a good cause by purchasing the book over on Amazon.

The Forgotten Places by Josh Walker ebook cover

A rich, diverse collection of short stories inspired by some of Earth’s forgotten places. Organised by best-selling author Josh Walker and edited by Angel Blackwood, this collection of inspired stories brings something new and exciting. All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to St Judes Children’s Hospital.

Claim your free Hidden Darkness: Nightclub eBook

Claim your free copy of Hidden Darkness: Nightclub by C J Austin by simply entering the email address on the right hand side of page.

Hidden Darkness: Nightclub by C J Austin Nightclub

David Wade and Chris Wesker had it all. Their dream nightclub in the sunny state of Florida, good friends and no money worries, that was until the past finally caught up with them. Hidden love, secrets and lies begin a whirlwind that places their friendship on the line as they fight to seek the truth. What was once their dream soon turns into a bloody nightmare and the fight for survival begins.

Nightclub begins an epic journey into a world of darkness and deceit as time is slowly running out to seek the truth. Will David and Chris be able to withstand the pressure and remain friends or will they turn on each other and become bitter enemies?
Pray you don’t look into the eyes of your inner demons.

Check out the review from Amazon:

Amazon Customer says:

Excellent, terrified but could not put it down. Very very well done. A real page Turner. But be warned Will creep into your dreams. Excellent Excellent book.

Claim your free Taming Jack eBook – CLOSED

This eBook is not longer available for free, but can be purchased on Amazon.

Taming Jack by Beverley Hollowed new ebook tj cover

Mia Chambers is a successful advertising executive. She loves her job and her professional life couldn’t be any better. However, her private life is not so good. Stuck in a relationship with a man she no longer loves, Mia feels lost. Jack Casey is tall, dark and handsome. A man who knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. A chance meeting in a hotel bar, sends him crashing into Mia’s world. He wants her and will not stop till he has his prize. Mia’s world starts to unravel but can Jack be the thread that pulls it back together. Or will he be the thing that destroys it and breaks her heart into a million pieces. Can Mia be the one that finds a way of Taming Jack..

With fantastic review:

Laura Smith says

This book was given free for an honest review.

I’ve read every single book that Beverley has written and I’m never disappointed and Taming Jack is no exception. Move over Cole Thomas because Jack Casey just kicked your a**e in the adonis race ;-)

Jack Casey is gorgeous. He is sexy, confident, domineering and certainly likes to get his own way. So when he meets Mia in a bar he is determined to have her. Mia on the other hand has different ideas and does what she can to fend him off but she cannot deny the attraction she feels towards Jack. Mia’s life is a complete mess after her ex Sean, leaves her for another women but deep down Mia is quite glad as her relationship with Sean was stale anyway. Mia deserves some fun and maybe Jack could be the one to take her mind of her problems or could a few things about Jack completely mess with her mind?

I loved this book and there were a few OMG moments. Bev, you are onto a winner with this series. And damn I hate you and your bloody cliffhangers! (Love you really)

This is a definite 5 star read and I am really excited to see how the story continues.

Titan Inkorp Release New Publishing Website

Titan Inkorp Release New Publishing Website

Titan Inkorp have completely re-built and re-invented our whole website, to give you the user a much smoother, cleaner and easier experience when using our new website, with new sections clearly labelled to help you find exactly what you want.

You can now see in detail every service we offer with easy to follow instructions on how to order everything from Editing to Custom Cover Design. Our new payment system allows us to take the payment directly from you using PayPal so you can be assured your payment is safe and secure.

With our new Titan Author Section, you are able to see a full list of books on sale from each author along with links to locations to buy these amazing books.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with our Online Magazine, you can simply sign up by submitting your email for updates when ever we release a new edition.

Remember to check out the Competition page as we are now hosting an amazing competition to celebrate the new website.

Titan are happy to announce that as of January 1st 2015 we have decided to offer our Platinum Distribution as the primary distribution package, placing your book in over 39,000 online and high street stores.

All the staff at Titan Inkorp would like to thank everyone for their patience over the last couple of years, while the company has been finding its feet in the market and developing a stable foundation for the future.