Titan Welcomes New Chief Editor

Titan InKorp have welcomed Maria Celaschi Clark to the team. As Titan continues to focus on building a new in house staffing system Maria was chosen to lead the editing department and bring in her skills and knowledge.

Maria gave the following statement:

“Hello, I am Maria Celaschi Clark and I am very pleased to be joining the wonderful staff at Titan Publishing House as Chief Editor. I look forward to working with and getting to know each and every one of you. I am very excited seeing how the company has grown since its inception in 2013 and I look forward to all of the wonderful possibilities for expansion that I can see on the horizon.

A little background information about myself. I live in FL with my husband Craig and 3 children. I have a Master’s in Library Science and a BA in Education. I developed a love for reading very early and I have been editing for quite some time.”

With Titan now bringing in more staff and are in the running for a prestigious award 2015 is set to be a great year.

Official Release of Hell for Heather by T H Robbin

Hell_for_heather Today mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s new author T H Robbin’s latest book, Hell for Heather. Be sure to visit Amazon today to get your copy.

Hell for Heather by T H Robbin

Heather wanted a normal happy life. nothing was ever easy for her. Ella her 25 year old daughter made sure of that. The only things she loved was sex, her hot tub and her favourite wine, until one day she met jenny which took her on the greatest adventure of her life. In life nothing is free. Everyone at some point has to pay the bill.

Pre-Order Blood Oath by Sabrina Rawson

91Wn0eXGk0L__SL1500_Titan Publishing House are happy to announce that Sabrina Rawson’s new book Blood Oath is now online to pre-order at Amazon

Blood Oath by Sabrina Rawson

PTSD weighed heavily on Collin and his team. They were ready to retire after they complete one last mission until he met Madeline. He believed she was the one person he could have his happily ever after with. Madeline was willing to let life happen for the first time and he was the man she wanted to share it with. Real life situations from human trafficking to arms deals. This story is about not giving up on life. Doing all things impossible to survive one more day.

*Contains violence and sexual content*

The Titans Make It Through


BITC’s Responsible Business Awards in Wales showcase the best of responsible business in action in companies of all sizes and sectors across Wales.

Titan first came onto the scene in early April 2013 and have since clawed their way up the ladder, overcoming all the odds. Now Titan has become one of the most respected publishing companies in their field and continue to rise.

This is the first time in Titan’s history that they have been put forward for an award and are said to be very proud at making it through the first stage.

Chief Executive Christopher Austin issued this statement:

“I am so proud of all that we have achieved so far and just to make it through this first stage is unbelievable. Whatever happens though I am proud of my team and they each deserve an award for their outstanding efforts that they contribute to Titan.”

Titan will now go through to the next stage of the Finance Wales Responsible Small Business of the Year Award with the winners being announced w/c 13 April. If Titan are successful they will make it to the final round at the Wales Responsible Business Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday 25 June 2015 at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Official Release of The Rhondda our Valley by Brian Pattimore

coverToday mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s new author Brian Pattimore’s latest book, The Rhondda our Valley. Be sure to visit Lybrary today to get your copy.

The Rhondda our Valley

My Father was a Welsh miner and worked in four mines before being disabled from the mines at the age of 19. I am writing this book in memory of my Father and all Miners. I am proud to be a miner’s son in this book I hope to share some of the history of the Rhondda Valley along with some of my poetry. I live in Southampton but still have strong family ties with the Rhondda and return as often as I can. My Father was born in Dinas and I remember as a child I would play on the pipe going over the river to Dinas Station I can still visualize the row of miners cottages before they were pulled down and flats replaced them About the Author Hello I would like to introduce myself I am Brian Pattimore and come from a mining background from the Rhondda Valley. My Father was born in Dinas and my Mother was born in London moved to Wales during the war and met my Father. I was born in Bracknell Berkshire (cant help where I was born) but have always classed myself as Welsh. As a child I spent a lot of time in the Valleys growing up and stayed with my Uncle Davey and Aunty Mary at Harcombe Road Llwynypia. I still have family in the Rhondda and visit when I can. I always say that I’m going home I hope you enjoy this book a combination of facts about the Rhondda and some poems I have wrote about Wales. I am married to Ruth and have four daughters and eleven grandchildren

Official Release of Dangerous Curves by Joel J Gerber

81mERi9PLzL__SL1500_ Today mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s new author Joel J Gerber’s latest book, Dangerous Curves. Be sure to visit Amazon today to get your copy.

Dangerous Curves by Joel J Gerber

Jayse Dillon is a 21-year old recent graduate pursuing the photography industry. He is soon to find himself smack dab in the middle of a heated romance that will leave him speechless. When he meets the gorgeous 24 year old Camille Henderson, his life changes in an instant. Dangerous Curves will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next and needing to take a cold shower. It is an epic love story full of mystery. Jayse is in for the ride of his life and soon finds out just how much his past intertwines with his future. For once in his life, will things go the way he wants them to? Can two people really be bonded since first contact, forgotten about, and reunited unexpectedly? Only time will tell what will happen.

Official Release of Switch by N M Catalano

91H0D01ivVL._SL1500_Today mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s new author N M Catalano’s latest book, Switch. Be sure to visit Amazon today to get your copy.

Switch by N M Catalano

He leads her on a journey of self-discovery until she discovers the secrets of his past. Can she overcome her inhibitions and take control, blotting out the past and make him hers? Can he stop his world from collapsing, his tight control slipping from his grasp as everything threatens to fall apart? And can he stop the betrayal before it destroys everything and he loses it all? Can he SWITCH to get it all back?

Official Release of Redemption by K M Hager

cover_1 Today mark’s the official release of Titan Publishing House’s established author K M Hager’s latest book, Redemption. Be sure to visit Amazon today to get your copy.

Redemption by K M Hager

With Amy wrapped up in her own guilt and her heart being torn between Stephen and Michael, Amy finds herself on a deadly path right into purgatory. However, with Solas returned and her own personal torments, will Amy ever find the strength and courage she needs to destroy Solas once and for all.

Claim your free Cabin eBook

Cabin by D W Morris cabin

The loss of his wife had taken its toll on David sending him into a world of drink and despair. After attempting to end his own life David Begins to have visions of a demonic figure hell bent on tormenting him, making David question his own reality. Now the fight between what is reality and what is striking within David’s own mind begins, sending him on a journey of despair and hatred as he must determine his own sanity. The big question however is did David really die? Or has he been sent on a roller coaster ride with a one way ticket to hell, either way the cabin has the answers.

With this fantastic review:

A J Edwards says

Loved every page, full of twists and turns. Will keep you guessing to the very end, looking forward to a sequel.
A must read for all horror and thriller fans.

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